• Is rich in knowledge, which children use readily and remember for a long time.

  • Is engaging, so that children’s curiosity is sparked and they develop a thirst for learning.

  • Is brilliantly sequenced and linked, so that children’s knowledge builds and schema grow.

  • Is intelligently designed and implemented, using evidence informed practice and research to inform choices.

  • Is rooted in the six principles of nurture, so that children’s needs, both cognitive and emotional, are met, resulting in excellent behaviour for learning and life.

  • Is reading-centric, so that children read widely and often, enjoying a range of genres and authors.

  • Is inclusive of all, promoting role models and teaching an understanding of the history and beliefs of a broad cross-section of society.

  • Promotes our community qualities: Attitude, Behaviour, Courage, Determination, Enthusiasm, Friendship and Grit.

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