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We are proud to be working with Learn with FA1 (the Professional Development arm of Forward as One CE Multi Academy Trust) in their delivery of the Department for Education ‘Golden Thread’ of professional development – Initial Teacher Training, Early Career Framework, National Professional Qualifications. This is as part of the Learn with FA1 and Ambition Northwest Hub, a collaborative partnership led by Learn with FA1 – including partner MATs and schools across the Northwest Region.

We see it as our civic duty to deliver the highest standards of training and professional development, so our Educators and Leaders across the Northwest can flourish and reach their true potential. We value the potential of:

  • High-quality professional development to improve the quality of our teaching and leadership and provide environments for our staff and children to flourish and achieve.

  • Evidence-based and informed CPD which supports sustainable development.

  • Regional and local networking to mobilise professional knowledge and understanding.

  • Collaboration and mutual support to build capacity at all levels of our partner schools.

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We at Manchester Communication Primary Academy are working in close partnership with Learn with FA1 and Ambition Institute for the purpose of delivering Ambition Institute’s:

Initial Teacher Training Programme:
Every single day, a remarkable Teacher has the power to shape the future. A Teacher can play a pivotal role in the triumphs and growth of the children they educate, especially for children who have faced difficult beginnings. Our Teacher Training program guides you towards becoming an outstanding Teacher, one who will ignite a passion for achievement in the upcoming generation. 

Transform your future and the lives of young people with expert-led, in-school teacher training over the period of a 12-month course, resulting in a PGCE with Qualified Teaching Status.

Watch a quick snapshot of our programme here.
Learn more about Initial Teacher Training with Learn with FA1 here.

Early Career Framework: 

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with education charity Ambition Institute to deliver our induction programme, Early Career Teachers. This Department for Education-funded programme is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of early career teachers. The programme aims to provide a 2-year support package for Newly Qualified Teachers, arming teachers with the knowledge and demonstrable skills to become an effective educator. A blended learning experience, the ECF framework provides teachers and their mentors with high quality, evidence-informed training and materials, alongside scaffolding to ensure effective mentoring.

Watch a quick snapshot of our programme here.

Learn more about the Early Career Framework with Learn with FA1 here.

National Professional Qualifications: 

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with education charity Ambition Institute to deliver the new and reformed NPQs which have been developed as a complete series, sharing a common language. This means you can have the confidence that all the educators in your school are building and developing their knowledge from the same evidence-based frameworks. NPQs serve as a prime opportunity to fine-tune your teaching and pedagogical experience, learning from the best evidence-based frameworks and examples of finely tuned best practice, all whilst furthering your professional development and career progression. 

In partnership with Ambition Institute, we offer 7 NPQ courses – Four specialist NPQs and Three Leadership NPQs.

Over a 12-month period, the four Specialist NPQs provide teachers and leaders with the opportunity to invest in their own development without moving away from what they love – teaching in the classroom. The specialist NPQs are:

  • NPQ in Leading Literacy

  • NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture

  • NPQ in Leading Teaching

  • NPQ in Leading Teacher Development


The three Leadership NPQs are for senior leaders, headteachers, and early years leaders, and they provide them with core knowledge and practices required to lead schools and early years settings over an 18-month period. The Leadership NPQs we offer are: 

  • NPQ in Senior Leadership 

  • NPQ in Headship 

  • NPQ in Early Years Leadership 


We also deliver a Coaching offer for new headteachers (within the first five years of headship) – EHCO. Over three terms you will benefit from expert guidance from an experienced, serving headteacher who works in a similar setting or phase, to help apply evidence-based best practice techniques, to overcome the challenges and persistent problems you face in your

day-to-day role.

Watch a snapshot of our programmes here.

Learn more about NPQs and the EHCO here.

For more information please visit: Forward As One Church of England Multi Academy Trust - Learn - About Us

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