parent focus group

focus group

The parent focus group meet several times per year to discuss any relevant issues.


Each session the previous actions are reviewed and new aspects discussed.


So far the parent focus group have focussed on:


Learning & curriculum.

- The parents reviewed the PHSE and SRE curriculum and policy to agree its contents.

- Parents have given feedback on homework and access to additional work through the website, this has resulted in more regular high quality homework.


Assessment & reporting.

- A new report format was designed in consultation with parents.

- Information on making assessment accessible is being designed with the parents.

-The format for parents’ evenings was reviewed with the focus group.


Parental engagement.

- Regular reviews of the website are conducted with the parents to ensure that all relevant information is needed, this has resulted in significant improvement.

- Parent workshop themes are selected in consultation with the parent focus group.

- A lunch-box policy has been developed with the parent group.

-The sports day format was improved with the input of the parent focus group.

-‘Parent projects’ were stopped following the input of the focus groups and ‘family learning sessions’ introduced.


Click here to see the latest minutes

All parents are invited to the group and are welcome to attend any sessions. To submit a topic of discussion please click below

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