Phase 3

(Y4 - Y6)

The phase 3 team is led by Mr Coupe and includes (in no particular order) Mr Wolstenhome, Miss Gregory, Mrs Jalloh, Mrs El-boghdadly, Miss Leather, Miss Henry, Mrs Torkamani, Miss Taylor, Miss Burgess, Mr Mulvany, Miss James, Mr Bagguley and Miss Ahmed.


Children begin to experience more formal learning in phase 3 with a view to effectively preparing them for the transition to secondary school. As such, the MCPAspire curriculum is taught in Y4, but as children transition to Y5, they are taught the MCPAchieve curriculum which will equip them with all the skills, knowledge and vocabulary required to succeed in Y6 and beyond.


For more information on the curriculum and assessment, please don't hesitate to speak to the team.  

Mrs Wong
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