Y4 Formby Trip 2017!

Year 4 Trip to Formby 2017

On the 10th of July our new Y4 classes had a trip Ainsdale beach, just north of Formby on the north-west coast.

We believe that all our children should have the opportunity to go to the beach, build a sand-castle and climb sand-dunes, as reflected in our 'MCPA opportunities' commitment. So that is exactly what we did!

We arrived in time for lunch, so we sat down and ate our sandwiches before they became sandwiches, then we played on the beach. The children (and staff) enjoyed digging holes, building sand castles, burying their limbs and playing sports.

Once we'd had a good run around on the beach we went to explore the sand-dunes, there are some fantastic dunes at Ainsdale made of light golden sand, they are a challenge to climb but a real treat to slide down! We were mindful of sticking to the path so as not to disturb the habitats of any wildlife.

By the time we'd finished exploring there was just enough time to dust ourselves off, tip the sand out of our shoes and hop-on the bus back to MCPA.

For 7 of our Y4s this was their first ever experience of visiting a beach, now they want to know when we're going back!