British Science Week

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

MCPA staff and students have celebrated British Science Week this week. During the week the children had the opportunity to investigate the playground at lunchtime. Led by the year 4 children, they used science equipment such as magnifying glasses and plastic spades to find many mini-beasts; worms were very popular!  

On Wednesday, the children had a very busy day. We watched mind-blowing experiments by 'Sublime Science' , who helped the children to understand sound, air and much more. The children were particularly please at the end when they were told they’d get to create slime.

The nursery children had a 'Magic Science Party', where they watched mad scientist Miss Chick showcase some experiments. The reception children had the pleasure of watching a chemistry experiment, which they were thrilled with. Beforehand, they wrote a hypothesis of what they thought the outcome would be.

Janice Hayman, one of our school governors brought in her telescope  to explain astrology.

We finished off the week with an assembly on British Science; all children thoroughly enjoyed their week