British Science Week 2019

As ‘Journeys’ was the theme for British Science Week 2019, we began the week with a Science Assembly in which the children watched science in action and were encouraged to reflect upon the journeys they make when learning lots of new and exciting things.

Throughout the week, Reception enjoyed taking part in several chemistry experiments. Year 1 investigated how far balloons could travel and whether the size and shape of their balloons had an effect on the distance travelled. Year 2 had fun experimenting with bottle rockets using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Year 3 made gooey slime and were keen to investigate whether their concoction was a solid or liquid. Year 4 and 5 had the opportunity to button up their lab coats and pop on their safety googles over at the science labs in MCA. They were introduced to lab safety and were able to conduct flame tests using Bunsen burners!

During lunchtime, the children enjoyed hunting for mini-beasts, planting mystery seeds and bouncing bubbles on their knitted gloves (a few drops of glycerine in their bubble solution also helped with this).

The children of MCPA had a fantastic week exploring, observing, wondering and most importantly, enjoying lots of ‘science-y’ fun!