FAST Programme

We would like to congratulate ALL the families who graduated from Families And Schools Together Programme. This 9 week programme has provided families the opportunities to: 

1. Strengthen families 

2. Engagement between parents and their children 

3. Build positive relationships between parents, school and community 

Above all, it has been lots of fun. Over the 9 weeks twenty of our families have had the opportunity to play games, try out new fun activities including badminton & Zumba and each week one family has won a fantastic hamper and then cooked a beautiful meal for the other families in their hub the following week. The whole programme ended with a celebration graduation ceremony and party for the final session.

We have had parent partners as well as school and community partners helping to deliver the sessions each week.  All our volunteers and families have got so much out of taking part.

We would like to continue the success of FAST, by offering and developing a strong and sustainable Parent, School and Community Partnership. 

If you would like to be part of this amazing opportunity, please contact Amanda Drury FAST, Coordinator at MCPA.