Leeds Armouries

Today Year 1, went on their visit to Leeds Armouries and became knights of the realm! During their visit to the armouries at Leeds, the children had the amazing opportunity to help Knight Emily get ready for her joust!  The children were amazed to find out how heavy the armour was! Knight Emily was helped by the children and her devoted squire. The children also found out what the role of a squire was during this period of time. After listening to the story of " A Knight's Tale", they then had to create their own character puppet for this period.  All the children were really engaged and talked about what they would like to be! After a hearty lunch, the children went to explore the museum to look at all the different types of armour and  weapons used over time! 

As the children took a step back in time to learn about what it was like to be a knight in the 1800's, this experience has really supported their history topic on Knights and Castles.