Many Countries: One World

At the end of the year MCPA hosts its transition project showcase. This year, the project was themed around the world-cup as a celebration of the diversity of our own school community. The project was called ‘One world: Many countries’ and saw the children study a world-cup country in depth. In the showcase event, children shared a song, dance, poem or story from their country. This included a fantastic Portuguese poem, an excellent Egyptian dance and superb renditions of ‘The girl from Ipanema’ and ‘Je ne regrette rien’.

The event was also an opportunity to say goodbye to some significant figures in MCPA’s foundation: Mrs Farrimond who leaves as Principal to manage teacher development in a large multi-academy trust; Mrs Webster who has been an excellent chair of governors since before we opened (having helped open MCA too) and Miss Chick who is joining a very lucky school in south Manchester as Assistant Headteacher

We are, and will always be extremely grateful for the contributions which all 3 colleagues have made to MCPA. Whilst they are leaving the academy, they will remain members of the MCPA family and we are sure that we will see them all again.