MCPA Forest School Young Leaders

Six year 4 MCPA children have been selected to complete a ‘Forest School’ course during the summer term.

We expect that the children will:

· develop communication skills,

· build self –confidence,

· learn to ‘survival’ techniques – build a fire, use tools, build a shelter, cook, learn about the ‘outdoors’ and become ‘Forest School Peer Leads’.

To-date the boys have developed factual knowledge about the forest, built an amazing shelter and learned how to safely use tools to make a mallet (out of a tree branch). This week they are going to learn how to safely make a fire and cook.

This is what the boys had to say about the project:

  • “Forest school is a fun, fantastic, amazing place.” - Tim

  • “It is a safe place where the teachers help you to make things out of wood, this week we made a mallet” - Gabriel

  • “Forest school is about learning about the wilderness and I love it!” - Jackfred

  • “Forest school is really ace; we learn excellent skills” - Enoch

  • “Forest school is magnificent!” - Perfect

  • “Forest school is exciting and fun; you can be creative and it is bit like an obstacle course.” - Liam

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