MCPA Sports Day 2017.

On the 7th of July, in mostly glorious sunshine, MCPA held its annual sports day. 

For the KS1/2 events our children are split into ‘House’ teams, our houses are named after great communicators:

Shakespeare – a playwright and poet. House colour: blue.

Marconi - the inventor of the radio. House colour: red.

Turing – the inventor of the computer. House colour: white.

Cooper – the inventor of the mobile phone. House colour: green.

Olympic – the organisation which brings nations together through sport. House colour: yellow.

Children competed in a rotation of 5 'field' activities on the playground before moving onto the races at the front of school.

Following a day of intense, but well spirited competition, Mrs Hayman (school governor) announced the results and presented the coveted trophies in assembly:

KS1 winners: Marconi

KS2 winners: Turing

EYFS also held their sports day in the afternoon with some very exciting challenges. The children engaged very well and showed excellent sportsmanship - it's good to start young!

Feedback from parents and children was extremely positive, a great day was had by all!