One city: Many Countries

To conclude the academic year and our 4 weeks of transition classes, MCPA joined with the local community in a celebration of cultural diversity which kicked-off with a superb djembe performance from our visiting drum teacher.

Each class has been studying the culture of another country over the last 4 weeks and presented a bit about what they had learnt in a show-case event. This included: Reception showing-off their skills in French; Y1's Kenyan jewellery and dancing; Miss Drury's Y1s superb rendition of Wonderwall by Oasis; Y2's Chinese singing and Bollywood dancing; Y3's Malaysian song, Y4's Turkish dance and Mr Wolstenholme's Y4s performing a Mauri Hakka for New Zealand.

Interspersed between the performances were some of our KS2 children sharing their early memories of their families and cultures; starting in many countries and concluding in one city: Manchester. It was fascinating to hear about the huge variety of children's experiences and backgrounds.

Following the show, parents were invited to a celebration event in which they could see their child's work, taste some brilliant multi-cultural food which was made by the fantastic MCA community team and dance to some classic Mancunian tunes provided by North Manchester FM. 

This was an excellent way to end the year and celebrate the diversity of our school and local communities through working in partnership with the MCA community team and North Manchester FM.