Reception Trip to Eureka!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Reception have had an amazing trip to Eureka today. They have enjoyed exploring all the various different places; M&S shop, the bank and the construction site. They went into the real life Halifax bank and used a cash card to withdraw notes from the machine. In M&S the children used a shopping trolley to buy various fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese and fish. They all took turns to be the shop keeper and charge the 'shoppers' for their groceries. Some may say it was an expensive shopping trip with one child being charged £12,650 for a trolley load of food!

The children enjoyed their packed lunches sitting on a train then playing in a giant sand pit, it was so much fun. Both Blossom and Cherry class took part in a spaceship workshop, taking a trip to the moon to learn all about space and the different planets! Later on they explored the 'Learn About Me' area, they loved sitting in the giant teeth, nose and ear. 

It really was a wonderful day enjoyed by all the children and staff!