Urban Crew - January

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

What a busy month the Urban Crew has had!  On Wednesday 23rd of January we had a full day trip out to Manchester Education Centre and Materials Recovery Facility in Sharston, Manchester to support the group’s work on waste awareness.

The first part of the visit included a tour of the Materials Recovery Facility where they got to see how plastic bottles are sorted using machines called Aladdin.  They also found out how glass bottles and jars are cleaned using cyclones. The second part of the trip included a selection of tailored interactive activities.  Then we got to design our own bag, made from all recycled materials!

The next challenge, the ‘Enterprise’ challenge involved all 14 primary schools taking part with a combined total of 140 students. All 140 children and their teachers joined together at MCA on Friday 25th January to take part in the Enterprise Day where each of the groups got to run their own business for the day. Upon arrival, the senior crew member from each group chose an activities envelope at random to decide what they would be making.  All the resources were provided and they were set to work designing posters and banners, deciding on a price list and making their products.

After a quick break for lunch, the Urban Crew market was opened for business. All MCA staff were given 5 Urban Crew Dollars to spend.  As always the competition was fierce with the children using their best and most imaginative sales techniques to ensure they sold as much as possible.  It was fantastic to see some of the quieter children come out of their shell as the volume level increased!

The Rotary club and Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) were there to support the event as mentors and judges. And then as the business of the market came to an end and the money was counted, MCA’s own resident MC Mr Heaps stepped in to entertain us and he had many of the crews on their feet, singing and dancing. 

Finally, the day came to a close with awards given to three of the Urban Crews.  Our very own MCPA won the best sales category for their striking coaster designs. 

The children worked really hard and had great fun working together and they should all be proud of themselves. 

We are now looking forward to our next Urban Crew event which is the Historical Map Workshop on 25th February.