Weekly Winners

Stars, dojo champions and special mentions Mohammad has made sure that he has engaged in lots of activities over the Easter break and has been determined to do every task to his best ability.of the week!

Dojo Champs Faith - Y6 Chestnut Roya - Nursery Ronalds - Y6 Elder Levente - Y5 Juniper Amelia - Y1 Pear Haaniya - Y1 Beech Ana - Y6 Maple

Laila - Y3 Silver Birch

Eshal - Y4 Ash

Adam - Y2 Willow

Arfa - Rec Cherry

Daniella - Y6 Rowan

Viswajit - Rec Blossom

Taig - Y3 Elm

Stars Mohammed - Y6 Chestnut Jacob - Nursery Esther - Y6 Elder Levente - Y5 Juniper Eesa - Y1 Pear Bradley - Y1 Beech Sadeeqa - Y6 Maple Evie - Y3 Silver Birch

Eshal - Y4 Ash

Daniel - Y2 Willow

Damilola - Rec Cherry

Daniella - Y6 Rowan

Zak - Rec Blossom

Taylor - Y3 Elm

Special Mentions Mohammad (Y6 Chestnut) has made sure that he has engaged in lots of activities over the Easter break and has been determined to do every task to his best ability.

Farah (Nursery) made a fantastic shopping list with super writing!

Esther (Y6 Elder) has maintained her handwriting and presentation, & has produced some great work in both English and Maths.

Zara (Y5 Juniper) has completed an excellent 'role-on-the-wall' for the character of Alice in 'Alice in Wonderland' and wrote some lovely sentences (that included relative clauses).

Levente's (Y5 Juniper) work is extremely neat and he has evidently put a lot of effort into all of his work - very impressed.

Simon (Y5 Juniper) has obviously worked very hard answering all of his comprehension questions on chapter 1 of 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Eesa (Y1 Pear) has produce some excellent pieces of work this week. Eesa especially gets star of the week for his amazing space art. Well done Eesa!

Aaniya (Y1 Beech) has been completing all of the learning provided and producing it all to a very high standard. Well done Haaniya.

Bradley (Y1 Beech) has produced a wonderful fact file on football and a super space rocket using a range of materials. Fantastic Bradley.

Xander (Y1 Beech) has been engaging in lot's of learning at home and making me smile with his photo's.

Ines (Y1 Beech) has also been producing all of her work to a very high standard, keep it up Ines I am very proud of you.

Anthonia, Christ and Enoch (Y6 Maple) for completing their work each day.

Evie (Y3 SB)- fantastic jelly making and measuring mass.

Alma (Y3 SB - fantastic effort and beautiful work.

Eshal (Y4 Ash) has gone above and beyond in completing this week's work on Class Dojo. She has shown beautiful presentation and a resilience to edit and improve her work. Well done Eshal!

Rozain's (Y2 Willow) amazing video on how to make a smoothie.

Sarah's (Y2 Willow) beautiful looking chocolate cake cut perfectly into quarters.

Mazen's (Y2 Willow) fabulous underwater picture.

Brianna's (Y2 Willow) detailed answers to our reading questions.

Damilola (Rec Cherry) has done some amazing Maths and also sounded out and written down lots of 'sh' words!

Arfa (Rec Cherry) has done so many different number sentences and worked hard on her addition.

Marcel (Rec Cherry) made an amazing creation in art he took his time designing, cutting and putting together his very own whale and then demonstrated lots of things that it could do!

Zak (Rec Blossom) has been the first to complete his maths,English and phonics activities this week. He has listened well to his mum. He has shown great enthusiasm for all areas of his learning. He did some great writing. He also made a Spring chick picture with coloured paper that was fantastic. Well done Zak.

Taig (Y3 Elm) - for the determination he has shown with his learning this week. Really impressed with his handwriting and his re-naming skills in maths. Shout out to new teachers Mum and Dad too for their support and enthusiasm!

Taylor (Y3 Elm) - for putting on his apron and getting creative in the kitchen this week. Taylor had a go at making his favourite Tuna Pasta Bake using his reading and maths skills. Chef Taylor's dish looked delicious! - hope I receive some in the post soon :)