WOW Topic Launch: Manchester

At the start of each half-term here at MCPA we launch our topics with a WOW experience. The aim of this is to engage children in learning and set the scene for the topic.

This half term saw Y2 and Y4 join together to launch their topics of 'Marvellous Mancunians' (Y2) and 'My Manchester' (Y4). Children rotated around 4 different experiences:

The Manchester Derby: Manchester United vs Manchester City match experience.

Meeting Emmeline Pankhurst: Understanding the suffragette movement and its links to Manchester.

A session in the cotton-mill: Producing a patch-work quilt on the theme of Manchester.

A one-off concert with 'Take-Awaysis': An Oasis/Take-That fusion/tribute act with all the swagger of Liam Gallagher and the musical skill of the quiet one from Take-That.

Over the half-term children will delve much deeper into understanding the global significance of our city and some of its well-known figures. We look forward to sharing our learning with you before Easter.