Y2 Topic Launch

Today Year 2's WOW started with GI Drury making an appearance in some very strange clothing. The children where intrigued by this and asked GI Drury some very interesting questions about why she was dressed like this. We later found out it was because she was going on an exciting adventure as part of our new topic.

The Year 2 team explained to the children that they were also going on an adventure but needed to think about what they would do if they were lost in the jungle, desert or stranded on a tropical Island! How would they survive? 

We invited Mr Power and his team to join us and teach us some survival skills by teaching us how to: 

1. Make a fire to keep warm and to cook food. 

2. Create a den for shelter using the natural resources within our fantastic forest. 

3. Target practise using catapults to hunt for food. 

The children had an amazing adventure down in the forest today and learnt some valuable survival techniques.