sports funding


The aim of the support funding

1. PE curriculum lessons are high quality, ensuring that children have access to a wide range of sports and are enthused by the opportunity to develop their skills further.

2. The academy is able to engage with inter-school competitions in a variety of sports, giving children a healthy sense of competition.

3. All children in Key Stages 1 and 2 engage with a sport of their choice through after school clubs at some point in the year.

How is the use of the funding sustainable?

The up-skilling of staff is central to the use of the sports funding whereby staff are invited to observe and learn from professional coaches and specialist PE teachers; this will ensure that developments are sustainable. This training will feed forward into MCPA staff’s own teaching of PE.

Other funding is used to purchase equipment which will be well maintained and support children’s physical development for years to come.

In addition to this, the allocation of the funding will help to develop a love of sport which will go with the children throughout their lives.

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Sports Premium Strategy 2019-20

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Sports Premium Strategy 2020-21