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Writing @ MCPA


My name is Mrs Bashir and I am the writing co-ordinator at MCPA. Writing has always been a subject that I have enjoyed teaching as it allows children to use their imagination and express themselves.  In 2017, I introduced Talk for Writing at our school.  The journey that our children take in writing is wonderful to see. They begin with mark marking in EYFS and build on this early writing skill to become fantastic authors, entertainers, informers and poets by the time they leave us in year 6.

Curriculum map


British Values

Key texts allow for discussion on fundamental British values e.g. The Boy at the Back of the Class (Respect and Tolerance), Rainbow Fish (Respect and Tolerance & Individual Liberty)

and The Butterfly Lion (Rule of Law). Writing allows children to develop their imagination and be creative, promoting Individual Liberty.

Cultural Capital

Writing lessons provide the children with the knowledge and skills that a pupil can draw upon to be successful in society, their career and the world of work.


Key texts allow for discussion on moral and social issues (The Butterfly Lion and The Boy at the Back of the Class). Different cultures are explored through key texts (linked to writing curriculum-  The Boy at the Back of  the Class/ The Explorer/ Coming home/ The Butterfly Lion/ Flat Stanley’s African Safari)  and events such as Refugee Week - Malala/ Coming to England). S&L opportunities allow for discussion on recognising right and wrong; understanding consequences; investigating moral and ethical issues and offering reasoned views. Writing lessons allow children to use their social skills in different contexts; working well with others (hot seating, debating, conscience alley, group discussions).

Personal Development

Writing is a tool for thinking and learning; it is an essential life skill. 

Here at MCPA we believe that writing significantly contributes to a child’s capacity and confidence to participate in society and opens the door to educational and personal growth. 

Emotional expression and exploration, reflection,/decision making, and creative experimentation are all nurtured through writing. Writing is a wonderful way to encourage social-emotional growth, something that we believe will support and benefit our children throughout their lives.

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