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I'm Alex Reed, the headteacher here at Manchester Communication Primary Academy (MCPA), thank you for taking the time to find out more about us.


Our school is an incredible community, made up of a fantastically diverse range of pupils, families and colleagues. Together, we work hard to ensure that all of our children achieve the very best that they can. This is achieved through excellent teaching and learning, deep social impact through innovative family support models, and a well-embedded whole school approach to nurture.


Our approach is underpinned by the 6 principles of nurture, which ensure that we always place the child and their best interests at the centre of any decision making: 

1.       Children's learning is understood developmentally

2.       The classroom offers a safe base

3.       The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

4.       Language is a vital means of communication

5.       All behaviour is communication

6.       The importance of transition in children's lives

The curriculum at MCPA has been thoughtfully constructed to ensure that it develops pupils socially, in addition to their knowledge and skills in a broad and balanced range of subjects. The sequencing of our curriculum is informed by evidence and ensures that powerful prior knowledge is used to underpin learning. The result of this is that our children do well, and go on to achieve great things and learning can transition seamlessly to Manchester Communication Academy. 

As part of the Greater Manchester Academies Trust, we are able to shape the learning journey of children from the age of 3, all the way to adulthood - from cradle to career.

I am incredibly proud of our school, the community which it has become, our families and pupils, and our brilliant team of colleagues. We are always happy to show it off, so if you would like to come and experience MCPA for yourself, do get in touch!


Alex Reed

Head Teacher



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