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learning at the academy

Here at MCPA, we know that learning takes many forms, and takes place in many different contexts. Our enrichment offer ensures that our curriculum is engaging, makes use of real-life contexts and first-hand experiences.


This means that we ensure that our children undertake a wide range of trips, are visited by experts and professionals, and have an excellent number of opportunities. Our MCPA opportunities commitment is a key part of who we are. Children who attend our school from nursery to Y6, will have access to all of the 'MCPA opportunities' which can be seen lower down on this page.


Pupil leadership opportunities are also a key form of enrichment. At MCPA we have a school council, urban crew and community quality champions.


trips and visitors at mcpa

At MCPA we think it is important to have a wide range of opportunities for our children. We recognise that learning doesn't just happen in the classroom and therefore provide children with additional learning experiences.


This includes trips, visitors and external workshops. Here is what happens in each year group:

Year Group










Trips / Visitors

  • Medical professional

  • Z-Arts 

  • Manchester mobile planetarium

  • Chicks/ bug pest / mobile farm

  • Sealife Centre (Trafford Centre)

  • Eureka

  • Christ Church 

  • Fire-engine visit

  • Dinosaur visit 

  • Critters Interactive Animal Encounters workshop

  • A Sikh Gurdwara 

  • Farm visit

  • A Hindu temple 

  • Fire-engine visit 

  • Dinosaur visit

  • Critters Interactive Animal Encounters workshop 

  • North City Library

  • Eureka

  • A Church

  • Local Park

  • African Drumming Workshop

  • Emmeline Pankhurst statue (St. Peter's Square)

  • Central library

  • Lowry Gallery

  • Formby beach

  • Manchester Museum

  • Central Library Roman experience day

  • A Synagogue

  • Wythenshawe Hall

  • MOSI

  • The Museum of Medicine and Health (University of Manchester)

  • Jorvik Centre and York Minster 

  • Chester Zoo

  • A mosque 

  • Walking tour of Manchester - John Rylands Library, Manchester Cathedral and Manchester Art Gallery

  • MOSI

  • Manchester Mobile Planetarium

  • Peak District National Park - River study

  • Jodrell Bank

  • Residential - London

  • Macbeth workshop

  • GMP police museum

  • Imperial War Museum

  • Residential 

  • Chester Zoo

  • Redbank House- Sensory Room

  • Library

  • Farm visit

  • Pets at home visit

  • Pantomime 



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Go to the theatre


Discover a favourite sport


Sing the national anthem


Visit the park


Learn to swim

stay away.png

Stay away from home for a night


Perform a poem


Eat something you've planted


Climb a big hill


Visit the zoo

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Learn about each other's culture and beliefs

Help a local community group


Learn to cook


Learn a language


Go to the beach and build a sandcastle

Visit lots of museums and love them


Hold an insect or reptile


Sing like no-one's listening


Raise money for charity


Become a library member


Look after an animal


Meet, and thank a police officer, fire fighter and paramedic


Learn an instrument


Make a den


Visit places of worship


Start a fire


Manage a budget


urban crew


The Urban Crew is made up of a group of up to ten Year 5 children. The crew take part in a range of activities throughout the year both in and out of school.

The Urban Crew is a citizenship project that is run in conjunction with Manchester Communications Academy and Northwards Housing.

With a focus on ‘Community & Environment’ pupils work as a team to drive positive change and to forge and nurture trusting relationships. 

Completing a diverse range of challenges, the crew gather evidence, in a variety of forms, that contribute towards their final certification; this is an ASDAN accreditation, equivalent to one unit of a GCSE!

During the year, pupils complete around 35 hours of activity achieved through play/lunchtime duties; patrols; workshops; community visits; an ESA Day (Extra School Activities) and an Enterprise Day, held at MCA. They also have to plan and deliver an assembly to the whole school!

Urban Crew also operate the 'You've Been Spotted' system; this recognises and celebrates children who are ‘spotted’ being kind to their friends, looking after our school or demonstrating our MCPA Community Qualities.

Click here to see our team


SCHOOL council and Pupils' voice

At Manchester Communication Primary Academy, we believe in the importance of giving children the opportunity to be heard as well as encouraging them to get involved in shaping the future of their school, local community and the wider world.

Pupil Voice provides further opportunity for every pupil to discuss their feelings about school - from both an academic and pastoral perspective - to ensure that they are active participants in their education. Every pupil is encouraged to express their views, and be active participants in decision-making on a range of topics, issues & developments in school.

We want to give children the relevant skills in leadership and empathy, whilst nurturing each child in their development of our school community qualities. Our aim is to create a positive and inclusive community within the school that prepares children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

The MCPA Council is made up of 12 pupils from Years 2-6 who are elected by their peers. The School Council gets involved in many aspects of the school in order to help make the school an even better place. Our older pupils take great pride in the responsibilities they are provided with including modelling to younger council representatives how to become great councillors.


Any child can become part of the School Council; they are elected following democratic class elections, which are held at the start of the year.

The School Council meets once a week with the school PSHE lead, who helps facilitate their meetings. Using ideas from the rest of the school, they pick one project each term to work on focusing on either an improvement to the school, local community or an environmental project.

The children work together to create action plans, delegate jobs, run whole school assemblies and hold meetings to work on their projects.

Through the school Council, all pupils at MCPA have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that involve all of their peers in reaching a democratic solution.


friends and family of mcpa

Friends and Families of MCPA is a group of parents and carers who with the support of our family worker and GMAT family team, do the following:


- Plan and run fundraising events for the school, to buy things like playground enhancements. These have included film nights, discos and sales.

- Run charity events such as Macmillan cake sales. 

- Hold a weekly coffee morning which provides an opportunity for all parents to network, access services and make new friends. During Covid disruption this has been virtual. 


The group’s membership is completely informal, some parents come frequently, others just every now and then. Some support every event, some just support one or two. 


If this is something you would like to be involved with, please get in touch with our family worker- Lorraine Carlin.