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Hi, I’m Ruby and I’m the school dog. I am a cockapoo. I am 2 years old now and I have been coming to school since I graduated from puppy school when was 12 weeks old.


Miss Noble looks after me at home and brings me to school each day. I am used to being in school now and I am always really excited when we arrive. When I first get to school, I go into the school office. I love seeing all the office staff in there, they look after me really well.


I enjoy coming to school because I meet new friends all the time and I get to listen to children read. The stories are great to listen to, especially if the main character is a dog. There is some research to suggest that when children read to dogs they grow in confidence so I hope that I can help children build their confidence.  I can also play outside and some children even take me for a walk. Sometimes when children are upset, the teachers in their class bring them to see me or take me to them. I like to think I make them feel better because I listen really carefully. 


I have been in the school productions. Once I had to dress up as a reindeer. I had to wear antlers but I kept pulling them off. I was very brave going on stage in front of everyone and I didn’t even bark. 


My favourite things to do are to chase a ball or a toy, eat treats and listen to stories.


Miss Noble says that I will spend more time in some classes now that I’m older. Maybe I’ll learn how to do my times tables, draw some pictures of dogs or even write a story about dogs, but for now I’ll leave that to you! 

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This week was very exciting. We actually went out to the park with the children from the NEST. It was so good to get out during the day. The children were super excited and so was I, only I wasn’t sure why until we arrived. The humans kept saying that it was such a cold day but I have a fur coat so I was ok! We walked calmly out of school. We talked about road safety, I sat at the curb and waited and then we all walked across together when the green man came on. The park is super close, just across the road. When we got to the park, Miss Noble let the children take it in turns to hold one of my leads. I have two leads and Miss Noble kept hold of the other one. We talked about what we could see and hear. It was so quiet but we could hear the leaves crunching under our feet and the wind blowing past us. There was a couple of hills to walk up. I like to run up and down hills but I had to stay close by on my leads. I was so well behaved, I saw a squirrel in the distance and I didn’t even try to chase it. That was a lot of effort for me! Once we had walked around. Miss Noble and I watched whilst Mrs Frimpong and Miss Wilson helped the children on the swings. The children had hot chocolate and I sat by them. Once they had finished we walked back to school to get warm! What a lovely afternoon.