Dear children,


 My name is Ruby and I am a cockapoo. When I was 8 weeks old, I left my mum and siblings and start school. At puppy school they taught me how to sit, come when I’m called, to stay in my crate if needed and where to go to the toilet. They also taught me how to behave around children and other dogs. I went for 4 weeks, so I am a very well behaved puppy. When I turned 12 weeks old, I graduate from school and moved to my forever home with Miss Noble. It is Miss Noble’s responsibility to take care of me at home and make sure that I am looked after, fed, safe and comfortable.

Miss Noble tells me that I have a very important job to do which I am very excited about. Miss Noble brings me to school with her each day so that I can work with the children. I will listen to children read as there is a lot of research to suggest that dogs help to build children’s confidence when reading. I will provide a calming influence in class for some children which will help them to complete their work and provide comfort to children who may be upset. Some children may even be allowed to take me for a walk in the park, encouraging them to exercise more frequently.  Cockapoos are generally very well-tempered, well-mannered dogs so I would like to encourage any children who are afraid of dogs, not to be afraid of me. Remember that I am a lot younger than you so make sure you are very gentle with me.

I have now been at school for 6 months and I am really enjoying it. Miss Noble drops me off in the school office in the morning. I love it in the office, I get so much attention from the office staff and I'm always so happy to see them. 


During the day some of the teachers bring children down to see me. I know when I have to sit still and be calm with children who are upset or nervous. I have also learnt to know when I’m allowed to play and run around. My favourite thing to do is to go and play a ball game outside with some children. I am getting to know some children very well as they come to see me often and I like it when they come over to me and crouch down to stroke me or play. 


Miss Noble says that my next challenge is to spend some time in some classes. I think I will need to get used to that first but I am looking forward to learning some new skills. I hope that I will learn to count, read and maybe even play a musical instrument. I wonder if  I'll be able to mark some books one day?

Yours sincerely,


Mrs Wong
0161 202 8989
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