The Urban Crew is made up of a group of, up to ten, Year 5 children. The crew take part in a range of activities throughout the year both in and out of school.

The Urban Crew is a citizenship project that is run in conjunction with Manchester Communications Academy and Northwards Housing.

With a focus on ‘Community & Environment’ pupils work as a team to drive positive change and to forge and nurture trusting relationships. 

Completing a diverse range of challenges, the crew gather evidence, in a variety of forms, that contribute towards their final certification; this is an ASDAN accreditation, equivalent to one unit of a GCSE!

During the year, pupils complete around 35 hours of activity achieved through play/lunchtime duties; patrols; workshops; community visits; an ESA Day (Extra School Activities) and an Enterprise Day, held at MCA. They also have to plan and deliver an assembly to the whole school!

Urban Crew also operate the 'You've Been Spotted' system; this recognises and celebrates children who are ‘spotted’ being kind to their friends, looking after our school or demonstrating our MCPA Community Qualities.

If you want to learn more about our Urban Crew adventures, please see the Urban Crew section on our school website; speak with Mrs Riley (our Urban Crew leader) or ask one of the crew…you’ll spot them wearing their bright green jackets& baseball caps!

meet the crew


Hi my name is Ben. I like football, video games (not ones for little children!). I want to be in Urban Crew to help people. I want everyone in the world to be happy.


Hi I am Sham.  I love helping and I have lots of friends.  I like Urban Crew and I'm glad I'm in Urban Crew.  I would love to visit Egypt.


 Hi I am Alissa.  I have lots of friends and I'm happy I do.  I also like school and being in Urban a Crew.  When I grow up I want to be a teacher or a gymnastic coach with my friend Keeley.  My favourite food is pizza.


Hi I'm Hayley and I'm 9.  I'm nice, a fast eater and funny.  Let me tell you a joke!  What type of pasta breaks into your house?  An impasta! 


Hiiii I'm Elina, here's some things about me.  I LOVE baking.  I am begging for a dog because they are soooo cute.  I am also part of CMIG gymnastics and Urban Crew.  Being in Urban Crew is a big opportunity and I'm lucky to be part of it.


Hi I am Ryan.  I have friends and I like school because I am in Urban Crew.  I'm glad I'm in Urban Crew.  I like to play Roblox but my favourite person is my mum.


Hi I'm Fatima.  I love playing football and helping friends.  I love Urban Crew, it sounds good and I'm glad I'm in it.


Hi my name is Keely, I love school because I am in Urban Crew and when I am older I want to be a gymnast coach or a teacher.

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