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The Urban Crew is made up of a group of up to ten Year 5 children. The crew take part in a range of activities throughout the year both in and out of school.

The Urban Crew is a citizenship project that is run in conjunction with Manchester Communications Academy and Northwards Housing.

With a focus on ‘Community & Environment’ pupils work as a team to drive positive change and to forge and nurture trusting relationships. 

Completing a diverse range of challenges, the crew gather evidence, in a variety of forms, that contribute towards their final certification; this is an ASDAN accreditation, equivalent to one unit of a GCSE!

During the year, pupils complete around 35 hours of activity achieved through play/lunchtime duties; patrols; workshops; community visits; an ESA Day (Extra School Activities) and an Enterprise Day, held at MCA. They also have to plan and deliver an assembly to the whole school!

Urban Crew also operate the 'You've Been Spotted' system; this recognises and celebrates children who are ‘spotted’ being kind to their friends, looking after our school or demonstrating our MCPA Community Qualities.

meet the crew

3 - Isatou.JPG


I love Roblox. I love playing with my friends and calling them.
I love cooking. I love helping in urban crew. I love ice cream.
I dont like bugs. I love dogs and cats.

7 - Isabelle.JPG


My name Isabelle. My favourite game is Roblox free fire and others. My favourite subject is art. I hate green and grey. My favourite friend is Sara and Sophia and Tiana. I enjoy games and club. I like crossy road. My favourite colour is yellow blue and black. And what I like about urban crew is that I like watering plants and helping at lunch. And my favourite Roblox game is mm2 and obbys and others.

6 - Iradat.JPG


I love playing Roblox cooking and calling my friends. Being a member of urban crew is fun as I get to do a lot of outdoor activities and helping people out. I like basketball and I support man United.

8 - Amelia.JPG


I love football. My favourite team is Manchester United. My favourite game is Mario Kart. My favourite game to play is football. My favourite website is YouTube.

1 - Eesa.JPG


I like to play Rocket league, Roblox ,Donkey Kong, Mario 64,
Mario cart, Mario cart deluxe and crash bandicoot. I like the new
football fc24, I like FIFA 23 and 22 and 20 and 19 and 16 and
18 and 17 and 12 and 2009 and football in real life.

5 - Tara.JPG


Hi, my name is Tara and I’m Thai. I like playing online games with my friends and I probably have the youngest family (Not to brag).

4 - Rejae.JPG


I like reading, singing, drawing, being active and kind. I love hanging with my BFF, Nandini. Also Urban Crew duties are

doing great!

2 - Taylor.JPG


My favourite hobby is football also my favourite subject is computing. My favourite food is Steak and my colour is Orange. I like to play ROCKET LEAGUE and also I love to DRAW things I like to play CRASH BANDICOOT and I also love to ROLLERSKATE!

9 - Nandini.JPG


I like cooking, being kind and truthful. I really like everyone in Year 5! I am super great at listening I didn’t expect to be in Urban Crew and I am the senior leader.

10 - Haania.jpg


My name is Haania. I am 10 years old. My favourite colour is black. My hobby is art. My favourite subjects are Spanish and Art.

My favourite games to play are Ludo and Strawberry Shortcake.

The reason why I like to be in Urban Crew is because the Urban Crew helps me and the environment be healthy.

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