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Art & DT


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Mrs Hall

My name is Mrs Hall and I am the Art /DT lead at MCPA. I love that art is an entirely inclusive subject that children from any background

or need can access in their own way. Art gives children the opportunity to observe the world around them more closely and create

something entirely unique to them. Design and Technology enables children to draw on their maths, science and computing skills

whilst learning practical skills, which offers opportunities to celebrate creative minds.


British Values

Promoting social and ethnic harmony and awareness of British values is a moral imperative for schools and Creative Arts 
has a significant contribution to make to this. 


Democracy - Receiving and giving feedback to their peers. 

Rule of Law - rules in lessons to make a happy, safe and secure environment to work in. 

Respect and Tolerance - embracing the diversity of artists and designers. 

Individual Liberty - Being able to safely and confidently express yourself in lessons.


Cultural Capital

Children may demonstrate an understanding of healthy behaviours in relation to lifestyle and food choices. Children may show an understanding of their own culturally significant foods and be able to contrast this with differing socially significant dishes. Children
may be able to talk about the variation in the availability of food, and how food can reflect the economic and social structure of
the culture surrounding it, both in modern times and historically. 


In Art, the children have the opportunity to visit the Lowry Art Gallery. 



Moral - Pupils are encouraged to show compassion when assessing the work of others. Understanding how their comments can build
up or destroy another’s self belief. Displays around the school and in classrooms show a variety of different art work from age groups
and abilities. This promotes children to be positive about their work and increases self esteem. 

Social - Art and Design frequently requires all pupils to work in pairs, groups or teams. Pupils often work collaboratively requiring

cooperation and communication linking to the values of trust, compassion and service. There are also social aspects in Art from
visiting various places such as Art Galleries. 


Cultural - Islamic art, Roman mosaics, Indian Madhubani paintings.


Personal Development

Every child is an artist, and we aim to explore and develop their skills. We concentrate on teaching the fundamental skills, so each
child is able to express themselves, but more importantly make the art a lively and stimulating experience.

Art/Design Technology curriculum areas can engage pupil’s senses and support the development of cognitive, social-emotional, and multisensory skills. As children progress these subject areas continue to provide opportunities for brain development, mastery, self-esteem, and creativity. Here at MCPA we explore a vast range of materials and processes, painting, printing, sculpture, textiles, and a host of others whilst injecting excitement into learning and exploring. Art is never dull. We also find each child’s strength. No artwork is the same, we pride ourselves on individuality.

Art gives the children an opportunity for creative expression and personal discovery. It enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis, and critical thinking skills.

Art and Design & Technology nurture and develop children’s skills and knowledge in drawing, painting, sculpture, design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control, and a range of materials, including food to name a selection. These subject areas enable pupils to explore and utilise their creativity whilst considering important issues.


Trips and enrichment

  • ESA Art club gives children a  further opportunity to work on their artistic skills and showcase a piece of work at the end. 

  • MCPA has its very own Art Gallery which is updated each half term with children’s final pieces of work/ end products.  

  • Yr 2 go on a trip to The Lowry Art Gallery to consolidate their art unit on Lowry.

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