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Make the difference

In January 2024, MCPA became a designated Steplab Coaching Hub.


At MCPA we pride ourselves on supporting our staff develop. A core principle of the school is ensuring staff; teachers and teaching assistants are offered effective professional development to become the best classroom practitioners they can be, to improve the outcomes of the students we serve. We use instructional coaching as part of our CPD offer. This is bespoke, personalised, specific and relevant support to each individual teacher and teaching assistant. 


To facilitate staff development we work with Steplab. A professional learning platform that provides schools with everything they need to systematically improve teaching.


As part of our hub status, MCPA will host a “coaching hub” day where we will welcome visitors from other schools who want to learn more about using instructional coaching in their school. 

If you are a school that is considering implementing instructional coaching or a school wanting to further develop your coaching model, our hub day can support you! 


Our next Steplab MCPA Coaching Hub Event is: Tuesday 21st March.


If you would like to know more about instructional coaching, please feel free to contact Mr E Hahn.

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