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Miss Carty & Miss James

Hi, we are Miss Carty and Miss James, we work closely together to combine our expertise of early reading and RWI Phonics

(Miss Carty) and upper school reading and reading strands (Miss James). This means that we are a great team and instil passion

in our children. 


A  quote I often refer to is…

‘Teach a child to read, and keep that child reading (and talking) and we will change everything. And I mean everything’


We see first hand the impact stories and books have on children’s knowledge , imagination and passion for learning.  All of our children

from nursery to year 6 enjoy a wide range of reading material, anytime, anywhere. They are encouraged to select high quality

texts from their classroom libraries, share and discuss stories and take books home. 

British Values

Key texts allow for discussion on fundamental British values e.g. The Boy at the Back of the Class (Respect and Tolerance), 

Rainbow Fish (Respect and Tolerance & Individual Liberty) and The Butterfly Lion (Rule of Law). All year groups have diversity

libraries with a range of books that explore the protected characteristics at an age appropriate level. In the Early years these

books are explored at the end of the stay during story time.



Cultural Capital

Reading is at the heart of all civilised cultures. It is one of the major ways in which we communicate. Being ‘well read’ is considered

a cultural boon. The vast majority of our known history has been passed down in writing, and therefore, accessing this collective

history is of significant cultural value - and one of the ways in which we measure our social togetherness.



Reading gives everyone access to the most important and significant matters that have arisen in our history: spiritual texts

and ideas, moral concepts and thoughts - and as outlined in the ‘Cultural Capital’ section, is essential to the social and cultural

glue that is integral to civilised life.

Personal Development

Oral storytelling, pictorial representations and expression through written word have existed since the earliest civilisations.

Over time the nature of books and habits of reading have evolved but the fundamental benefits of reading remain. Reading invokes

memory; prompts questioning; encourages reflection; challenges thinking; triggers emotion and drives self-growth. At MCPA we

believe reading is for everyone; and with the right book your brain develops as it gains wider vocabulary, along with different opinions,

places, cultures, and languages. Class texts underpin the understanding of difference as a positive; represent and celebrate individual characteristics and strive to actively promote equality & diversity. Reading drives cognitive development; boosts children’s imaginative powers and stimulates brain function in such a way that nurtures both clarity and curiosity about the world around them. 

Trips and enrichment

  • Book club 

  • ESA Book club

  • Class libraries 

  • Diversity libraries 

  • Little people big dreams library  

  • Central library

  • North City Library 

  • Book week

  • National Storytelling week 

  • Book fair 

  • Black History Month 

  • Refugee Week  

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